udat = NDBASE.SPAGHETTI(dat, ‘option1’, value1, …)


dat Array of d2d class objects with nDat member. Typically Horace cuts.


flip Vector of nDat logical values, if any value is true the corresponding data is flipped along the horizontal axis. Default is false(1,nDat). label Cell of strings for the x-axis label. There has to be nDat+1 strings. dashed If true, black dashed line is drawn between cuts. Default is true. ylim If true, the upper limit of the vertical axis is automatically determined. Default is true. plot If true, plot is created. Default is true. pad If true, the output data is padded with nans on the top and right side. Then it can be plotted directly using surf(): udat = ndbase.spaghetti(dat,’pad’,true); coo = cell(1,2); [coo{:}] = ndgrid(udat.x,udat.y); surf(coo{:},udat.sig); axscale Scale of the unit on the x-axis. Defines what A^-1 value corresponds to unit 1. Default value is 1.


udat United data in simple struct with the following fields: x Column vector of x-coordinate edge bins (nX+1). y Column vector of y-coordinate edge bins (nY+1). sig Signal matrix with dimensions [nX nY]. err Error matrix with dimensions [nX nY]. ylabel Label of the y-axis, string. xlim Limits of the x-axis, row vector with 2 elements. ylim Limits of the y-axis, row vector with 2 elements. clim Limits of the c-axis, row vector with 2 elements.